Our President İsmail Emanet, who has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜGVA since 2014, handed over his duty to our Organization Coordinator Enes Eminoğlu at the 3rd Ordinary General Meeting held with the participation of our President.

At the 3rd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held at the Haliç Congress Center with the participation of our President and distinguished guests, İsmail Emanet handed over the duty of presidency to Enes Eminoğlu, as a result of consultations with our President. In the new management, İbrahim Beşinci was assigned to the coordination duty of Organizational Affairs, Fatih Yüksel to Middle Schools, Okan Özer to High Schools, Emrullah Şanlan to Universities, Çiğdem Yıldız to Women and Family, Soner Çokyiğit to Working Youth, Yunus Becit to Media-communication, Faruk Duruş to Education, Murat Aydın to Dormitories, Eyüp Balta Financial Affairs and Fundraising, Recep Can Spor, Seçkin Koç Administrative and Legal Affairs, Mustafa Yüksel Strategy Development, Esra Karabal Arda Foreign Relations and Kemal Bilal Aydın Culture-Arts.

We are Proud of You Who as Young People are Aware of not Only the Greatness of the Legacy of our Ancestors But also the Responsibilities of Such a Legacy.

Stating that TÜGVA is an invaluable brand in Turkey and plays a significant role for its activities like scholarships, dormitories, education and training services, reading houses, inventions houses, camps, culture-arts and sports activities, President Erdoğan said: “You are the hope and future of this nation. We are proud of you who as young people are aware of not only the greatness of the legacy of our ancestors but also the responsibilities of such a legacy. I believe in morality, ability, diligence, accumulation, determination and success of each of you just like I believe in Turkey’s bright future.
I wholeheartedly entrust to you the task of creating and implementing Turkey’s vision for 2053 and 2071. Believing and starting is the first step towards success. I see a youth here today who is determined, faithful, and set out to reach his goals, and has already taken the first step on the path of success.”  Today, Here I Wholeheartedly Relay this Flag Without the Slightest Hesitation to our Distinguished Friend Enes Eminoğlu from our Foundation.  Handing over his duty as President to Enes Eminoğlu at the 3rd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting we organize as TÜGVA, İsmail Emanet said: “Today I am in your presence as president for the last time. We consider this cause as a relay race. Now it’s time to hand over this duty. Today, here I wholeheartedly relay this flag without the slightest hesitation to our distinguished friend Enes Eminoğlu from our foundation.  I strongly believe that our foundation will reach a much better point in the new period and that they will serve the 2023, 2053 and 2071 targets of our country in the best way. On this occasion, I wish success to all our brothers and sisters who will assume duties in the new period.”

This is the Youth That will Be Very Successful and Win Hearts and Aim at Spreading Truth to the Whole World

Thanking İsmail Emanet for his services and support for a fruitful period of 4 years at the helm of TÜGVA, the new president Enes Eminoğlu said: “We will act with the consciousness that the burden on our shoulders is not less important than the burden that was on the shoulders of Fatih the Conqueror and strive tirelessly to the vanguards of ideas and action in new Turkey. Esteemed President, In the Youth meeting held by our Foundation in Gaziantep in 2015, when talking about the youth, you said: “I see a youth that is a slave to people; I see a youth that is just a servant of God. This youth is that is referred to by Master Necip Fazıl in one of his poems: “When will those pioneers come back to their beloved ones?”
This is the youth that will be very successful and win hearts and aim at spreading truth to the whole world.
“I pray Allah Almighty that our new period brings blessings.”