To increase the sensitivity of environmental awareness, young members from our TÜGVA representative office of the district Aliağa, distributed some reusable cloth bags to the citizens of Aliağa. This project has been funded with the support and sponsorship of the “Association for Ship Recycling Industries” (Gemi Geri Dönüşüm Sanayicileri Derneği).
The handing out of the cloth bags by our representatives took place in the famous covered market of Aliağa, which is always a lively busy square. The bags, which can be used for a long time for shopping and other purposes, are consisting of one hundred percent cotton and received a high attention from the market visitors.
With their attendance at this event, our Aliağa county representative Muhammed Doğan and his team were appreciated by everyone around.

We will be able to leave our youth a clean and liveable world

Calling attention to the high consumption of plastic bags in our country, our district representative Muhammed Doğan mentioned “Approximately 30-35 billion plastic bags are consumed in Turkey. This figure makes about 440 per person. The decomposition of a plastic bag in the nature takes from 400 to 800 years. These data shows, that plastic bags cause much more harm to our environment than originally thought. Therefore, with the aim to reduce environmental damage, this project is even more important contributing to leave our youth a cleaner and more liveable world.
We hope our citizens will enjoy using their sustainable and environmental-friendly cotton bags.”