Turkey’s first and only festival, where the feet don’t touch the ground, ended a few days ago! Together with TÜGVA’s “Makerlab” booth, fully lived six days have passed at the festival. Between the 17th to 22th of September this year, Turkey’s first Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST at the Ataturk Airport has been successfully completed for the second time. With games like sudoku, puzzle, maze games, virtual reality goggles, drones and countless more fun activities, the TÜGVA “Makerlab” booth provided his visitors six days of joy and fun! Welcoming visitors from any age, beside other various activities, our fair stand entertained their visitors with activities, where they could improve their physical and mental abilities and also try robotic systems.

This year’s passion at TEKNOFEST is enormous

Our Chairman Enes Eminoğlu, who visited our booth with his family, shared his feelings about the festival: “This year’s passion at TEKNOFEST is enormous. From Jazari’s flying vehicle, exhibited for the first time, to various unmanned aerial vehicles, many works can be seen here. As we started to put our “Makerlab” project into practice throughout the year, we established our “Makerlab” booth at the TEKNOFEST as part of this project. Young people visit this stand and can fly drones, go on a journey to a different world with virtual reality glasses and have the opportunity to play games, which were invented by Da Vinci or Al Jazari. During our “Makerlab” project, we also provided courses in different subjects such as coding and industrial design. Young people are able to put their knowledge directly into practice.”