During the painting course, which was started by our TÜGVA district representative office of Bünyan and the public education centre, our young students created decoration objects made of waste materials.

23 Students, who joined the painting course organized by our Bünyan country representative office, created some real artworks by using only waste materials. The students, who let their imagination run free and created wonderful artworks with the waste materials, thanked the organizers, who provided them this opportunity cordially. At the end of this course, an exhibition will be opened for the students, where the created works can be visited and viewed by everyone.

Our aim here is teaching recycling to the children

Mehtap Erol, who works as an art teacher in the painting course, said: “Here we are offering mainly recycled wood painting lessons to our children. We really have a joyful working environment. As materials, we use paper towel rolls, glass bottles, food or coffee cans and further materials such as water bottles. We are making some reliefs over these materials with napkins, creating patterns, which we exclude from wallpapers or even from catalogues for curtains. Our aim here is teaching recycling to the children. If our children see materials like this outside, we want them to make efforts and think of how they can utilize these waste materials. We want to improve the imagination of our children. They are creating their very own pencil cases and even decoration objects for desks or coffee tables.”