The Turkey Youth Foundation (TÜGVA) organized a county board camp between the dates of 28 – 29th of September 2019 in Ankara Kızılcahamam.

For this event, around thousand foundation members from representative offices all over the country and further honoured guests met in Ankara Kızılcahamam and joined the camp successfully. Various trainings and seminars were offered during the two days.

Our chairman Enes Eminoğlu adressed to all the program participants, which arrived from 81 provinces of Turkey, with a speech. Furthermore, guests, who participated our efficient training camp, inter alia, the Education Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selcuk, the responsible R&D chair of the Ministry of education Mehmet Baki Öztürk, the university professor (University of Istanbul) assoc. Prof. Dr. Ömer Miraç Yaman and theologian and author Ümit Özdemir, also gave some important speeches about relevant topics. The program ended with a concert of the music band ‚Grup Aksiyon‘.

We are happy to be here with you

During his speech at the county board camp in Kızılcahamam, our chairman Enes Eminoğlu emphasized how important it is, that young people must educate themselves in the best possible way. For that, following statements has been made by Eminoğlu: „We will do in-depth reading and analysis. We will improve our intellectual side. We will do detailed research and work on studies for specific topics. We will specialize ourselves in certain areas. Developing and improving ourselves will be the reason we can save our present world as well as our lives hereafter. We are happy to be here with you today. We are an organization, which is present in 81 provinces and 420 districts of the country and I believe that our number will increase day by day.
With being aware of our responsibility, we are the happiest people of the world, if we can motivate young people to be volunteers in our foundation.”

We are obligated to work continuously day and night

The Education Minister Ziya Selcuk, who came together with the young members of TÜGVA, said “I am extremely happy to be here with you today. Dear young people, nowadays you have serious obligations to fullfil. The way to succeed is by working and I am convinced, that anyone of you will be successful by working hard for your achievements. I am also convinced, that your success will not only will make us happy, but also our whole country Turkey. After becoming the Minister of Education, I began to visit all of our provinces. Sometimes we are so busy, that we have to visit three provinces simultaneously. We have a strong leader and to appreciate the strength of our leader, we must work hard day and night. In these days, where we are being observed by the whole world, we have to do, and you have to do your job in the best way. “