It is a scenario and story writing workshop consisting of talented young people.

  • Program is exclusive for male students.
  • Being between 20-40 years old.

It aims to give its participants the theorical information through technical lessons and practical experience through workshop studies. 20 participants will be chosen for the program.

After 25 weeks, students will finish 16 books given outside the lessons. These books and study tools will be supplied by the foundation.


  • Basic Texts of Western Stories
  • Basic Texts of Pre-Islam Eastern Stories
  • Basic Texts of Islamic Civilization
  • History of Islam and Art
  • Islamic Utopias
  • Secularist Utopias
  • Islamic Distopias
  • Secularist Distopias
  • Story Hunting
  • Techniques of History Collecting and Preserving
  • Basic Units of Story
  • Introduction to Scenario Writing
  • Types of Movies
  • Techniques of Scenario
  • Setting Flow Models in Scenario
  • Depiction of Place, Soul and Emotions
  • Character Analyzes and Designs
  • Action Design
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Treatment Writing
  • Dialog Writing
  • Tragedy
  • Drama

NOTE: Lessons will be 3 days a week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday) between hours 19.00-20.30, at TUGVA Head Office Ayvansaray Eyüp/İstanbul location.


Program Notice: 30 August 2017

Application Date: 11-22 September 2017

Written Text Exam: 27 September 2017

Program Start: 02 October 2017

1st Period Ending: 15 December 2017

2nd Period Start: 12 February 2018

Program Ending: 18 May 2018

TUGVA Head Office, Ayvansaray-Eyüp

Application are now closed.