Various materials were sent by our TÜGVA Kars Representative Office to thousands of students in village schools in Kars.

Our Kars Representative Office and Kars Representative Yusuf Canpolat donated clothing (coats, boots, sweaters, trousers, berets, gloves, scarves, etc.) and stationery supplies (notebook, pen, dry-watercolor etc.) to students studying in village schools in Kars, where heavy winter runs prevailed. This philanthropic activity created a smile on students’ faces.

We Take Steps to Touch Hearts and Realize their Hopes

Expressing his happiness of helping students who are studying in village schools, our TÜGVA Kars Representative Yusuf Canpolat said: “We will be so happy if such philanthropic activities which aim at helping those students achieve their dreams, creating hopes for future and adding meaning to their lives but face many barriers due to financial difficulties.
As TÜGVA Kars Representative Office, we are taking steps to touch hearts and realize their hopes.
It is in our hands to create a happy and hopeful generation for the future.”