On behalf of the Turkey Youth Foundation, Chairman İsmail Emanet and 11-members of the delegation committee that consists of the Headquarters Board of Directors  paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, aiming to introduce TÜGVA abroad, strengthen the relations by being in contact with multiple institutions and organizations and work more productively .  In the scope of the program, TÜGVA delegators met with the representatives from the institutions and organizations which are active in various cities like Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla, in particular.

On the first day of the visit which lasted four days,  the meetings were held in the Embassy of Turkey in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yunus Emre Institute in Sarajevo, Anadolu Agency Balkans Regional Office and International University of Sarajevo (IUS).  In these meetings; after talking about the structure, organization, vision and mission of Turkey Youth Foundation, we had an exchange of ideas about the planned projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina of our foundation.

On the second day of the program; following the meetings in the TİKA in Sarajevo and Zenica Rehabilitation Center, we examined in the villages that were damaged due to the flood disaster in recent years. In the evening of the day, the folk dances were displayed by the folk dance team of the Friendship Bridge Foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Afterwards, our delegation was hosted for dinner in a Bosnian country house.

In the next day, the ideas and plans on the projects for young people living in Bosnia and Herzegovina were discussed in the meeting in Yunus Emre Institute in Mostar. In the last day of the program, various meetings were held in the province of Tuzla. Within these meetings, we arrived at a consensus about the planned works for the Imam-Hatip High Schools and their students in Tuzla in particular.

As a result of this intensive program, which composed of various meetings and consultations, our delegation came back to Turkey with lots of projects and ideas that promise hope in behalf of the young generations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey.