Our TÜGVA Suluova District Representative Office launched a brand new project. The young people in our office distributed nets to the tradesmen and the public in the District Market within the scope of the “Zero Waste” project.

Suluova District Representative Ahmet Gençalioğlu and his team came together with people who were shopping in the market on the first day of the new year to draw attention to the “Zero Waste” project initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization under the auspices of First lady Mrs. Emine Erdoğan. Young people distributed nets to tradesmen and citizens in the marketplace to be used instead of nylon shopping bags and gave them information to raise awareness under the slogan “Add value to the Future with Zero Waste”. Our representative Ahmet Gençalioğlu emphasized that it is necessary to give up the use of nylon shopping bags in order to keep the seas blue, nature green and living things safe.

Our Aim is to Support the Zero Waste Project, thus Reduce Environmental Pollution

Supporting a good project, our Suluova District Representative Ahmet Gençalioğlu said: “To attract attention, we together with our young people distributed shopping nets in the market place today.Thus, we drew attention to zero waste. As TÜGVA youth, we distributed nets to our people in the market place for a cleaner future under our slogan “Add value to the Future with Zero Waste”. Our aim is to support the zero waste project, thus reduce environmental pollution It takes a long time for nylon bags to disappear in nature, polluting our future. That’s why we supported this campaign.”

It is Very Good That our Children and Young People are Sensitive about this Issue, Which is Useful for their Future

Hakkı Çetin, one of the tradesmen who stated that he would give up the nylon bags and start using nets, said, “I think the net is more suitable for the future of our children than the nylon. We gave up nylon bags for the future of our children; we will use net bags now. Because these nylons do not melt in the soil and disappear easily, our government’s suggesting of net bags is a good work for the future of our children. We thank the people who launched this work. It is very good that our children and young people are sensitive about this issue, which is useful for their future. It is more suitable for the health and future of our children to give up the nylon and start using net bags.