Rabiya Kazak who is TÜGVA Women and Family Coordinator made a presentation in the World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition, the theme of which was “Muslim Woman – Soft like Cotton, Strong like Iron.”

The purpose of the summit that was held in Kuala Lumpur,  capital city of Malaysia, on 23–25th September 2016 is to create a platform that will bring Muslim women who are prominent in the world together in order to support their initiatives and to empower them. In the Summit the main theme of which was “Muslim Woman – Soft like Cotton, Strong like Iron” with various sessions of sub-themes like Entrepreneurship within the framework of women, Youth Muslim Women; Power that shapes the future, Youth Women Leaders, Empowerment of Women through Education, the Role of Women in Providing Peace, Shaping Humanity, Modern Muslim Women: Ayşe and Cindrella.

“Islam is the religion which has the youngest population in the world”

Many women entrepreneur, politician, activist and non-governmental organizations attended and made speech in the Summit. Furthermore, Rabiya Kazak who is the  Women and Family Coordinator of TÜGVA made a presentation as well. She stated that Islam is the religion which has the youngest population compared to the age average according to the religions in the world and Islam is at the front row compared to the birth rate of other religions. “TÜGVA gives place to the activities which are suitable for characteristics of ladies and which support the family. We organize the activities according to their age. We give education to teach values and support their academical studies, for those between the ages of 10-14; and we hold cultural and artistic activities for those between the ages of 14-18, support the networks and developing career for those between the ages of 18-24 and organize activities to support family and worklife for those between the ages of 18-24.” she said.

This activity which aims at sharing experience and ideas of women has the purpose of developing interactions between non-governmental organizations that hold woman-centered studies and aims to increase these studies so that women can be example to the humanity as well as the society. The Summit is of capital importance in increasing the competence of Muslim women especially in Malaysia, the official religion of which is Islam, as a role model.