Book Cafe


  • Book Cafe allows you to use free Wi-Fi connection and do your homework, projects and presentations more productively,
  • You can freely choose one of the library books in the cafe and enjoy reading it in peace and quiet,
  • You can also use the quiet study rooms situated in the cafe
  • You can have a cup of coffee free by choosing one of the 30 types in the coffee machine,
  • In summer time, you can escape the heat and study in the café, which is equipped with multiple air conditioners and open for 7 days
  • You can use recreation area to chat with your friends and drink some tea or coffee
  • We gladly invite you to spend some of your time in our Book-Cafe, which is situated in our headquarters. We are open for 7 days and between the hours 09:00-00:00. Feel free to join us!