We are waiting for “Cartoon Istanbul” young people interested in the art of caricature, where emotions and thoughts are conveyed in a humorous manner.

The project, organized by our foundation with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will have the opportunity to share the talents of young people who want to improve themselves and leave value-added works for the future.

The Cartoon Competition, which we announce with the slogan “Derdiyle Dermanıyla Hastasıyız İstanbul’a”  is one of the events that form the basis of the Istanbul Cartoon Festival. We expect to reflect the beauty, neighborhood culture, historical texture, nature and the unmistakable state of Istanbul to the caricatures of the city, where we are afflicted with caricature and talented young people, who are sick at all times in every season and we complain about the crowds, traffic and congestion.

Within the scope of the project, the first of which is being realized this year, young people;  met with Turkey’s prominent names in the field of publishing and humor writer will have the opportunity to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Caricature Competition, Workshops, Seminar Sessions, Istanbul Caricature Festival Magazine and various activities will be exhibited in the City Lines Ship, which anchors the Bosphorus for 2 days for young people and art enthusiasts of Istanbul.

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