With the aim to make it possible for TÜGVA to fulfill its cause, this coordinatorship works for the ideals of raising the young generations in the best way and employing the current means and opportunities with utmost quality and high motivation for this cause.

Coordinator: İbrahim Beşinci

This branch is responsible from planning activities and programs for secondary school students and from the organizational plans in these schools.

Coordinator: Fatih Yüksel

This coordinatorship aims to provide the necessary opportunities to high school students to help them excel themselves and advance their social, moral and mental capabilities. For this cause we try to organize multiple events like discussions, readings, physical activities and workshops. These generations should have the necessary tools to think beyond boundaries, have enough courage to speak up their ideas, question and analyze. This coordinatorship exists to serve them in their journey to become adults who work for the benefit of this country, with these ideals.

Coordinator: Okan Özer

Following the mission and vision of our foundation; we aim to develop small organization groups in universities and work with from bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate’s degrees. As well as providing them support and guidance in their personal development, we plan to organize different activities and programs that will unleash their potential and help them excel in their studies.

Coordinator: Beytullah Çiçen

Our coordinatorship works for women between the ages 10-35 and are students, mothers, workers or wives. Our aim is for them to be conscious about our traditional and cultural values, knowledgeable and with a high self-esteem, aware of their potential and wanting to realize this potential, knowing the past and having a vision for future, aware their role and value as a women in this society, able to do intellectual studies. By empowering the women in the family, we aim to empower the family itself socially, culturally and intellectually.

Coordinator: Çiğdem Yıldız

By developing ties with national and international organizations and employing small organizational groups in these countries, this coordinatorship aims to produce international projects and carry them out, join international conferences in behalf of Tügva and Turkey and empower the youth who are willing to study and work in these areas.

Coordinator: Esra Karabal

This coordinatorship aims to provide the necessary opportunities for other coordinatorships in Tügva to plan and perform their projects effectively, help them realize their potential and work resourcefully. We also aim to strengthen the organizational aspects of Tügva, help Tügva produce qualified works nation-wide and achieve this easily and with fewer problems. In order to achieve all this, we work hard to assess all the works carried out in our foundation, develop strategies, and put our aims and plans into practice.

Coordinator: Mustafa Yüksel

To fulfill the main aim of our foundation, as the Educational Coordinatorship we support all the educational activities by identifying necessities in educational area and formulating solutions to these findings.

Coordinator: Faruk Duruş

Primarily aiming to motive the practise of sports on nation-wide, as the Sportive Activities Coordinatorship, we work for the young genereations to take up sportive activities that will highly benefit their physical and mental development. These young generations should learn how to be physically, mentally and spiritually strong; able to compete on fair terms, aware of the responsibilities of a true sportsman and restraining from all kinds of addictions. Our goal is to guide them in this journey.

Coordinator: Recep Can

Our Media and Communications Coordinatorship works hard to for our foundation to reach its many goals, present itself to public as it is and keep the connection among the coordinatorships and volunteers of the foundation tight and strong.

Coordinator: Yunus Becit

Following the mission and the vision of our foundation, the Administrative Affairs Coordinator carries out and the representation of the foundation, legal procedures; the management of head quarters, provincial representatives and the buildings or the social complexes they employ, as well as recording and prosecuting personal affairs.

Coordinator: Seçkin Koç

Our coordinatorship aims to provide accommodation, with high quality dormitories and students’ houses, and social support with programs and activities in these institutions for  young generations who are destined to be the actors in the future of this country.

Coordinator: Murat Aydın

The priority of our coordinatorship is to provide the necessary monetary support to our foundation. Following our mission and vision, we arrange the planning, prosecution and assessment of resource development studies. We also carry out the accounting and financial systems of the foundation, and do the re-assessment of these functions.

Coordinator: Eyüp Balta