TUGVA Higher Education Male Student Dormitories

  • All university students are welcome at our dormitories in nearly every city of our country.
  • Our dormitories provide students with a safe, clean and comfortable environment while they adapt to the university life.
  • Our dormitories are located very close to university campuses.
  • Foreign students are also welcome to stay at our dormitories.
  • Many cultural activities are organized in dorms where students can find an environment to improve themselves in the direction of their ideals.
  • Sportive events are organized between dormitories.
  • In these events, students can socialize and participate in various competitions with awards.
  • In addition, scholarships are provided to the students who ranked in the top 20 thousand in the university entrance exam.
  • Our dormitories are focused on providing students with good values in addition to being a place to stay.