As Turkey Youth Foundation (TUGVA), we severely condemn outrageous expressions and clear positions taken on Turkey and President Erdogan in the book assigned to senior high school students in France.
The anti-Turkish sentiment spread to school curriculums in France where approximately 1 million Turks live. Book assigned to senior high school students contain scandal remarks about Turkey and its President, Mr. Erdogan. According to the book, Erdogan is gradually transforming Turkey into an authoritarian state.
Are French schools still places where students socialize and acquire rich knowledge and experiences or manipulation?
Not only do these types of oriented subjects cast doubt on the quality of the current French education system, but also they demonstrate the unease that children of Turkish origin can experience in the face of such situations. No one doubts that seeing your country being humiliated in this way in a public school can be very embarrassing for a young person of this age.
As the Turkish youth, we will never accept these scandalous expressions which are found in the history books in all French high schools.
Turkey is a rule of law and always preserves democracy. We can take a small example of democracy in Turkey: The participation rate in the 2019 municipal elections was 84.67%. However, in France, the participation rate for the 1st round of the 2020 municipal elections was 44.66% and in the second round was 34.67%.
The turnout at local elections is high, unparalleled with other democratic countries, especially Western countries. Turkey continues to teach the world a lesson in democracy with a high turnout at elections.
The Turkish people have always reflected their will at the polls with a sufficient high turnout.